My first attempt at fan art happened as a result of having inherited a gem collection from my Aunty Jean. Turns out there are a lot of peridots, garnets, a couple amethysts, a bunch of emeralds, some rubies, a bunch of topaz and rhodenite (which I guess is a kind of garnet?) some sapphires, rose quartz, and even an aquamarine.


Anyway, turns out when I try to sketch stuff it automatically turns into animals. So here's Purridot. Maybe I'll do Amyth-Hiss, Garmitts, and Steven.


The reason I tried to draw Peridot at all is that I thought 'Maybe I should make little resin cast Peridot models and put actual Peridots on them.' Because obviously that's what you do when you have a inherited gem collection and you love Steven Universe.


I'd love feedback! Let me know if you wanna see more SU cats, some little gem sculptures, or anything else. :)