X-ray Animal Friends

I run a company that makes interactive display software, and I've been working on some tutorial videos so that people can learn how to use our content creation tools.

As part of this, I'm designing my own assets and releasing them for free so people have artwork to practice with.

The first tutorial I finished is for a simple effect we call Fog Reveal, where one picture is stacked on another, and moving or touching a screen reveals the image underneath. It's a really popular effect for advertising, but I think it's actually pretty useful for education, too. So I decided to design something aimed at kids, showing animal doctors taking an x-ray.

cute animals xray.jpg

I recorded every stage of the first tutorial, including the making of the graphic itself, and when I started to edit the video, it really drove home that designing an interactive display is a lot more work than most people probably realize. 

X-Ray Animal Friends Timelapse.gif

Now that we've automated a lot of the business development and support tasks at work, I'm looking forward to drawing and animating more, but another thing I noticed while making this tutorial is how out of practice I am.

Here's what the interactive display looked like in the end:

If you're interested in downloading the working files for this project, learning more about Lumo Play, or checking out the full tutorial, here it is:

I'm going to be sketching and finishing more characters over the next month or so, to get back into the habit of drawing and processing my vector art. If you have requests, please let me know.