Advice for Small Town Startups, 4/10 - Solve Communication Problems Early


We use Jira and Confluence. We started out using Asana (this is a great tool for designers but not as good for integration with versioning software like Plastic.)

We don't have one person dedicated to keeping it in order, but once we have task management staff, I'm confident the system will run much more smoothly. As it is we now have a single central place where we are slowly putting daily tasks and projects and links to development tools.

We use Google Hangouts and Whatsapp to keep live chat streams going about important topics like upcoming deadlines, business development discussions, and cash management. This way a single conversation is available in one place for everyone who needs to see it. It also allows us to feel connected during weekends and holidays in a way that is more social and less intrusive than email or phone calls.

Even if you are all working in the same room day after day and talking to each other constantly, get used to keeping a chat window open and use it to document discussions that should be documented, like how you are going to solve a problem or reach milestones before a deadline. This will make it much easier to continue working smoothly when someone is away or working remotely.

Having project info documented also makes it much easier to bring new people into the company, and it's invaluable if you are working on a project for a client in another city. We use Dropbox and send video and project updates regularly, which works really well for clients, and eliminates a lot of expensive and unnecessary travel.