Learning Unity From a Goat

I've been doing online Unity tutorials for about a month now. Here's a peek at the project I'm currently working on. I drew and animated the goat myself, but the other graphics came from this cool site.

The tutorials I've been following are mainly provided by Brackeys and AbleGamesDev, and they've been super easy to keep up with while travelling. I really hope to someday be able to take a class with other humans, though.

As of this moment, I've learned to make and import sprite sequences, create menus and multiple levels, control players in 2D and 3D (kind of), make stuff break apart when you hit it, and do some stuff with both 2D and 3D physics. I still suck at particles and creating multiple conditions, but I'm working on it.

Here's the first project I did in Unity

I'm really enjoying learning to make games, even though the goat game has already been perfected with Goat Simulator.

I'm thinking I'd like to make a game where this goat confronts a bunch of his issues, like feeling antisocial to an unhealthy degree, comfort eating food that sucks for him, and being insensitive to his friends.

But maybe I'll just make an endless runner with a lot of stuff he can break instead. :)