All-Purpose Girlsplaining PNG

I made this in honour of a groundbreaking study confirming that personal computers were marketed at boys. Duh. We needed a study for that?

Furthermore, I think the world needs an all-purpose girlsplaining png that can easily and conveniently be plastered on all future declarations that have always been completely obvious to 50% of the human race.

In case you need a non-perpetuating version that's more badass, the link below includes the words 'No Shit!?!' instead:

Here's a rabbit I painted.

Sometimes it's just nice to paint a rabbit. This little guy's standing at the edge of the water trying to use the branches behind him to make his reflection look like a jackalope. He just wants to take a nice selfie.

Swamp Bunny - watercolor and ink on canvas.

Swamp Bunny - watercolor and ink on canvas.

The three golden rules of interactive display design.

There are obviously all kinds of factors that influence how a display is designed, and how it works. These include things like lighting requirements, durability, intuitive user experience, target audience, localization, accessibility… the list is super long.

However, there are three simple rules that I’ve discovered must be followed in order to ensure that any interactive display is as successful and engaging as possible.

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